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Week 151: Sept 21, 2021 Implementing and Assessing Teamwork (special report by Ashish Jayamohan, High School Senior)


Week 152: Sept 28, 2021 California Computer Science Education Policy: Contributing Factors to Success and Opportunities for Further Progress (pdf to come)

Week 153: Oct 5, 2021 Twenty Things to do with a Computer (Papert & Solomon 1971)

Week 154: Oct 12, 2021 K-12 Cybersecurity Learning Standards

Week 155: Oct 19, 2201 Teaching Explicit Programming Strategies to Adolescents


Week 150: Sept 14, 2021 Measuring actual learning versus feeling of learning in response to being actively engaged in the classroom Participants: Sarah, Ashish, Bryan, Beth, Patrick, Ian, Em

Week 149: Sept 7, 2021 Hindsight 2020: Guidebook for Virtual Professional Development for Computer Science Teachers Participants: Sarah, Beth, Ian, Em

Week 148: Aug 31: 2021 A New Model for Weaving Responsible Computing Into Courses Across the CS Curriculum Participants: Ian, Patrick, Em

Week 147: Aug 24, 2021 Picture a Scientist (90-min documentary) on PBS or Netflix Participants: Renaldo, Ann, Mark, Ira, Patrick, Em

Week 146: Aug 17, 2021 MAADS: Mixed-Methods Approach for the Analysis of Debugging Sequences of Beginner Programmers Participants: Renaldo, Mark, Patrick, Ian, Em

Week 145: Aug 10, 2021 The Agile Educator Guide: An Agile Framework for Modern Education Participants: Christine, Zoe, Suba, Neil, Beth, Patrick, Ian, Em

Week 144: Aug 3, 2021 The Future of Programming Participants: Jose, Ashish, Ian, Em

Week 143: Jul 27, 2021 CS Policy to Practice: Understanding Emerging Approaches to State-Level Computer Science Education Policy Design in the United States Participants: Alexis, Ian, Patrick, Em

Week 142: Jul 20, 2021 Teaching how to teach computational thinking Participants: Bryan, Ian, Patrick, Kate, Em

Week 141: Jul 13, 2021 Empowering K-12 Students with Disabilites to Learn Computational Thinking and Computer Programming Participants: Renelle, Zoe, Mark, Ian, Patrick, Em

Week 140: Jul 6, 2021 Physical Java Memory Models (presentation notes by Colleen Lewis) and 5-minute Video Participants: Colleen, Greg, Fan, Jose, Beth, Kate, Patrick, Ian, Em

Week 139: Jun 29, 2021 The Effect of Reading Code Aloud on Comprehension: An Empirical Study with School Students Participants: Steven, Beth, Bryan, Ian, Kate, Patrick, Em

Week 138: Jun 22, 2021 Many Small Programs in CS1: Usage Analysis from Multiple Universities Participants: Ann, Kate, Ian, Patrick, Em

Week 137: Jun 15, 2021 The CS Teacher Landscape: Results from a Nationwide Teacher Survey Participants: Ian, Ashish, Ira, Patrick, Kate, Em

Week 136: Jun 8, 2021 Block Model: an educational model of program comprehension as a tool for a scholarly approach to teaching Participants: Ian, Ann, Amy, Kate, Patrick, Em

Week 135: Jun 1, 2021 How Early Does the CS Gender Gap Emerge? A Study of Collaborative Problem Solving in 5th Grade Computer Science or CSK8 Podcast Participants: Amy, Kate, Patrick, Em

Week 134: May 25, 2021 Teacher implementation profiles for integrating computational thinking into elementary mathematics and science instruction Participants: Amy, Kate, Bekir, Ira, Patrick, Em

Week 133: May 18, 2021 Developing an Interdisciplinary Data Science Program Participants: Patrick, Em

Week 132: May 11, 2021 Supporting Diverse Learners in K-8 Computational Thinking with TIPP&SEE Participants: Christine, Kate, Beth, Bekir, Ira, Patrick, Em

Week 131: May 4, 2021 Exploring Novice Programmers' Hint Requests in an Intelligent Block-Based Coding Environment Participants: Mark, Kate, Patrick, Em

Week 130: Apr 27, 2021 Evolving a K-12 Curriculum for Integrating Computer Science into Mathematics Participants: Kathi, Fan, Justin, Patrick, Em

Week 129: Apr 20, 2021 Teaching Computer Science through Problems, not Solutions Participants: Amy, Kate, Ashish, Patrick, Ira, Em

Week 128: Apr 13, 2021 The Effects of Providing Starter Projects in Open-Ended Scratch Activities Participants: Miranda, Kate, Ira, Patrick, Ashish, Em

Week 127: Apr 6, 2021 Cultivating Interest and Competencies in Computing: Authentic Experiences and Design Factors Participants: Kate, Jose, Ashish, Jessica, Mariana, Bryan, Ian, Ira, Patrick, Em

Week 126: Mar 30, 2021 Development and Preliminary Validation of the Assessment of Computing for Elementary Students (ACES) Participants: Dana, Miranda, Yvonne, Patrick, Ian, Beth, Bryan, Em

Week 125: Mar 23, 2021 Critical Ancestral Computing: A Culturally Relevant Computer Science Education Participants: Mariana, Ira, Bryan, Patrick, Ian, Em

Week 124: Mar 16, 2021 Planning K-8 Computer Science through the UDL Framework Participants: Art, Patrick, Ashish, Jessica, Ira, Ian, Em

Week 123: Mar 9, 2021 "You don't do your hobby as a job": Stereotypes of Computational Labor and their Implications for CS Education Participants: Sulayman, Kate, Natasha, Jose, Ashish, Patrick, Sara, Jessica, Bryan, Ian, Em

Week 122: Mar 2, 2021 Improving Middle School Students' Computer Science Knowledge and Engagement Through Creative Online Programming Projects Participants: Jose, Patrick, Mark L, Bekir, Jessica, Suba, Ian, Bryan, Ira, Em

Week 121: Feb 23, 2021 Comprehension of computer code relies primarily on domain-general executive brain regions Note: this article is incredibly long. Read the pop-sci summary instead: To the brain, reading computer code is not the same as reading language Participants: Ashish, Ira, Bryan, Ian, Em

Week 120: Feb 16, 2021 Design to Disrupt: Making Space for Every Student in CS Participants: Art, Ashish, Jessica, Ira, Bryan, Ian, Em

Week 119: Feb 9, 2021 From Theory Bias to Theory Dialogue: Embracing Cognitive, Situated, and Critical Framings of Computational Thinking in K-12 CS Education Participants: Amy, Bekir, Ian, Em

Week 118: Feb 2, 2021 Infusing Cooperative Learning into AP Computer Science Principles Courses to Promote Engagement and Diversity Participants: Ashish, Jessica, Beth, Em

Week 117: Jan 26, 2021 A theory of instruction for introductory programming skills Participants: Sara, Ira, Bryan, Em

Week 116: Jan 19, 2021 Design Studios for K-12 Computing Education Participants: Ira, Jared, Bryan, Ian, Em

Week 115: Jan 12, 2021 Broadening participation and success in AP CS A Participants: Bryan, Mark, Ian, Em

Week 114: Jan 5, 2021 Relating Natural Language Aptitude to Individual Differences in Learning Programming Languages Participants: Mark, Bryan, Ira, Jared, Em

Week 113: Dec 15, 2020 Why Computing Belongs within the Social Sciences Participants: Ira, Ian, Em

Week 112: Dec 8, 2020 Teacher Perspectives on COVID-19’s Impact on K-12 Computer Science Instruction Participants: Ian, Em

Week 111: Dec 1, 2020 Integrating Computing in School Subjects: A Conceptual Framework for Design and Analysis Participants: Vicky, Ian, David, Justin, Ira, Suba, Em

Week 110: Nov 24, 2020 A Multi-institutional Study of Peer Instruction in Introductory Computing Participants: Beth, Ian, Ira, David, Em

Week 109: Nov 17, 2020 To Scratch or not to Scratch? A controlled experiment comparing plugged first and unplugged first programming lessons Participants: Ira, Ian, David, Jared, Em

Week 108: Nov 10, 2020 Universal Design for learning CS (podcast: starts at 6 minutes) Participants: Ira, Ian, David, Em

Week 107: Oct 27, 2020 Reducing withdrawal and failure rates in introductory programming with subgoal labeled worked examples Participants: Ira, Jeremy, Jessica, Mariana, David, Ian, Em

Week 106: Oct 20, 2020 2020 State of Computer Science Education: Illuminating Disparities Participants: Sara, Jessica, Justin, Aleata, David, Mariana, Ian, Em

Week 105: Oct 13, 2020 Education in the Pandemic & the Potential for Computational Thinking Participants: Vicky, Ian, David, Mariana, Em

Week 104: Oct 6, 2020 Translating Culturally Relevant Pedagogy to Computer Science (Video) Participants: Mariana, David, Ian, Jeremy, Em

Week 103: Sept 29, 2020 Hedy: A Gradual Language for Programming Education -- Choice of paper or video. Participants: Mariana, Suba, David, Ian, Em

Week 102: Sept 22, 2020 Shriram Krishnamurthi, Teaching Computational Thinking Participants: Jared, Beth, David, Ian, Suba, Mariana, Em

Week 101: Sept 15, 2020 CS Equity Guide 2.0 Participants: Roxana, Beth, Kaya, Ian, David, Jared, Suba, Mariana, Em

Week 100!: Sept 8, 2020 Exploring Student Behavior Using the TIPP+SEE Strategy Particpants: Jessica, David, Ian, Em

Week 99: Sept 1, 2020 Putting students on the path to learning: The case for fully guided instruction and Mark Guzdial's take Participants: Ann, Mariana, Sheida, Beth, David, Ian, Em

Week 98: Aug 25, 2020 Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science Principles: Searching for Equity in a Two-Tiered Solution to Underrepresentation Participants: Suba, Beth, Jared, David, Ian, Em

Week 97: Aug 18, 2020 Unfold studio: supporting critical literacies of text and code Participants: David, Ian, Em

Week 96: Aug 11, 2020 Improving explanations and learning activities in computing using semantic waves Participants: David, Ian, Em

Week 95: Aug 4, 2020 Measuring Computational Thinking Teaching Efficacy Beliefs of Preservice Elementary Teachers Participants: David, Ian, Em

Week 94: July 28, 2020 The Teacher Accessibility, Equity, and Content (TEC) Rubric for Evaluating Computing Curricula Participants: David, Ian, Josh, Beth, Jared, Em

Note: above paper paywalled, read this instead: Helping teachers make equitable decisions: effects of the TEC Rubric on teachers' evalulations of a computing curriculum

And a link straight to the TEC Rubric itself.

Week 93: July 21, 2020 A New Pedagogy to Address the Unacknowledged Failure of American Secondary CS Education Participants: David, Jared, Josh, Ian, Beth, Ann, Jeremy, Caryn, Em

Mark Guzdial's response

Week 92: July 14, 2020 A Closer Look at Tracing, Explaining and Code Writing Skills in the Novice Programmer Our two-year anniversary! Participants: David, Shaq, Ian, Suba, Mariana, Ann, Laurie, Jeremy, Em

Week 91: July 7,2020 Assessing Creativity in Computing Classrooms Participants: Suba, Bryan, Ian, Em

Week 90: June 30, 2020 Design Principles Behind Beauty and Joy of Computing

Week 89: June 23, 2020 The Computer as Toolsmith II

Week 88: June 16, 2020 How the Tech Sector Could Move in One Direction

Week 87: June 9, 2020 When Twice as Good Isn't Enough: The Case for Cultural Competence in Computing [Washington 2020]

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